“A Goofy Movie” turns 20! 

This past weekend, I (Shutterbug here) was able to attend the 20th anniversary screenings of The Goofy Movie at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. 

The crowd was full of energy as we entered the lobby. After going through security, every guest is invited to take a picture with Max. I could see lots of Goofy Movie fans in their best Disney bounding outfits all lined up. The concession stand was open for everyone to get popcorn and snacks to their heart’s desire. Since my boyfriend and I had a VIP tickets, we got a drink and souvenir popcorn bucket as they are both included with the ticket. 

I sat in the balcony area right in the middle of the front row. The seats could provide a little more elbow room but the view was great!  

Prior to the film itself, Max comes onto the stage and performs the Powerline classic “I2I” for the crowd. Everyone loved it and was even singing along! Here’s a snippet of the performance. 

Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for! The movie! Everyone in the audience watched the movie while chanting out all the best quotes out in unison including classics like, “It’s the Leaning Tower of Cheeza!” Plus, they even sang along to every song from the first line from “After Today,” to the hilarious “Lester’s Possum Park,” and of course, Powerline’s ending number “I2I.” Gotta love a Disney crowd! 

After the film, we took a look through the Ghiradelli store. It was full of people coming out of the theater so it was a little busy. In the end we opted to head out. Overall, it was a magical event as all Disney themed events usually are. Can’t wait ’til our next visit to El Capitan! 
Until next time! 

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