Rumor: Another one bites the dust…

Hello everyone!

Well, it looks like we may be losing a coveted Disney World experience! Say goodbye to the infamous red FLIK card! 

 The red card is scanned by a Cast Member at the beginning of the line and given to a lucky park goer as they enter the line for an attraction. Once the park goer reaches the end of the line and is about to board the ride, the card is handed back to a Cast Member. If you’ve been a chosen one, you’ve had the honor of helping Cast Members figure out the wait time of an attraction. However, that honored role may be disappearing from Walt Disney World. 

According to the Huffington Post, the future plans of WDW are to use MagicBands to help figure out the wait times thus replacing the need for a red FLIK card. Boo! Disneyland was not mentioned and hopefully won’t lose this tradition anytime soon. It hasn’t officially been announced by Disney as of yet so we’ll have to wait and see. 

We don’t have MagicBands on the West Coast (…yet?) and so it seems that we can continue to hope to be a chosen red card holder at our next visit to the Disneyland Resort. Good luck! 

Until next time! 

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