#Tbt:  I ❤️ New York

By Shutterbug

Hello again everyone! 
Today’s #TBT is a special feature. This time, I thought I’d write about one of Disney’s most famous Disney stores, the Times Square Disney store! 

Nestled in the very popular Time Square attraction in New York City lies a very busy, very popular Disney store! In my lastest trip to the Big Apple, I had to make a pit stop. What kind of Disney fan would I be if I didn’t?

 The customers looked and sounded like they had come from all over the world to see the sights of NYC and of course, pick up their favorite Disney merch. 

It’s very similar to any other Disney store but there are some minor changes to reflect the store’s iconic location. There are two New York sections that each have their own NYC/Disney exclusive products. The first section is “Big Apple” themed. It came with the Tsum Tsums to match! 

The second section was an ode to the great lady of New York herself, the Statue of Liberty 🗽!! This second collection had Minnie dressed in the iconic green get up that the Statue of Liberty wears, including the crown! This was my preferred NYC collection. 

Such a cute look! Had to snag me one of those pins. If you follow our Instagram accounts, you’ll see I took this Statue of Liberty Minnie pin on all of my adventures. 

These two sections were on the first floor. Yes, it had two floors. The entry to the second floor was the most magical entrance I could have ever hoped for. To get to the second floor, there are escalators that lead you right into Rapunzel’s laterns!!! It is so sooo gorgeous. 

The second floor is very similar to any other store. However, it did come with a sliiightly larger castle…. 

And, I will say that these cast members are the true MVP’s. The store, much like Times Sqaure, is popular and always packed with people. I had to herd myself like cattle through Times Square to even get to the store. Plus, the store even has it’s own security personnel. So, the constant craziness of people puts the cast members through quite a bit. However, they were super helpful when I needed help and they were also pretty cheery. 

Overall, you can’t fail with a Disney store trip! Got to snag some cute items. Even a Christmas ornament…which I NEEDED, okay?…It’s really cute. It’s never too early you know…

Well that’s all for now. Until next time everyone! 

Cheers 😉

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