Merch Monday: Oy, what’s an Ufufy?! 

Tsum-thing new is heading our way! Watch out tsum tsums, there’s a new plush coming to town…the Ufufy’s. 

What is an Ufufy you ask? Essentially they are standable tsum-like character plushes. Whereas, when you look at a tsum tsum face forward, you only see the face of the character, Ufufys have both face and body on the same side. With tsum tsums, you have to look at the underside to see the details of the hands and body. 

The Disney Store tells us that they are Disney character plushes “formed from clouds.” That explains their unbelievable soft feel and happy smell. Smell? Yes, smell. These babies come with scents and beads that help them stand in your palm. The current online collection smells of apple blossom. They’re huge in Japan and there are more character options on eBay. 

Image from

Well, I’ll say they do look cute. And, there are different size options in comparison to the tsum tsum collection. Ufufys come in Mini (2.5 inches), Small (4.5 inches), and Medium (12 inches). Tsums come in Micro (2.5 inches), Mini (3.5 inches), Medium (11 inches) and Large (18 inches). Ufufy sizes are larger technically, but tsum tsums offer more size options.  I still wouldn’t trade my medium sized Mike Wazowski tsum for any other pillow sized plush. Also, the cost of one isn’t that much different from the other. 

Images from

It boils down to this: how much are you willing to spend to complete another plush collection of Disney characters? Next thing you know, they’ll be two lines outside of Disney Stores before opening- one for each collection! If both collections are what your heart desires and you’ve got the $$, then go nuts and “run with the wind, Bullseye!”   I’m interested in seeing how Ufufy’s will sit with the loyal tsum collectors. Either way they are adorable Disney plushes of characters that we love. A true Disney fan will say that there’s plenty of room for both collections in the Disneyverse. Disney is all about sharing love with others.  

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