Ode to Oscar! 

By Shutterbug

Guys, we’ve lost a Disneyland icon! A legend! 

If you’ve ever enjoyed a meal at the cherished Carnation Cafe on Main Street, you may have seen the Chef Extraordinaire Oscar Martinez walking around and chatting with fellow restaurant patrons. Hopefully, you’ve even tried “Oscar’s Choice.”

Image from Disneyland App

Per the Disney Parks Blog, he started out as a busboy at Fantasyland and worked his way up to Head Chef at the Carnation Cafe. He was the longest reigning employee at Disneyland (61 years!) and the Carnation Cafe will never be the same without him. 

Once while we were having a nice Disneyland breakfast (a favorite pasttime of Spoonful and I) we saw him simply gliding about the restaurant. To see Oscar was like Remy seeing the fabulous Chef Gusteau! “Anyone can cook!” He offered a warm smile to everyone around and spoke to many of us. 

It is a rare thing for someone as busy and important as Oscar to come out and visit with everyday people. The Carnation Cafe is usually bustling with people but he found ways to make time to get to know them. He embodied the true Disney spirit in making all of his guests feel welcome and special. This special magic touch he added to the Disneyland experience will be missed. 

May he enjoy his well earned retirement. We will miss him. 

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