Checking in…

By Shutterbug 

Soon, and by soon we mean more like 2021, you can check into a new room at Disneyland Resort’s newest addition, a brand new hotel! No name yet, but it’s coming!

It looks like the AMC theatre’s days are numbered as it looks like the hotel will replace the theatre. It seems like ESPN Zone and the Rainforest Cafe might be phased out too! From the image render from the ABC7 article it looks like it will take up much more of Downtown Disney’s space. The Downtown Disney parking lot is definitely going to take a hit. But, well…. read on. 

The hotel will have 700 rooms, dining, entertainment, and even shops on the ground floor. Apparently from the restaurant/lounge on the top floor, you’ll be able to see the fireworks show at Disneyland. It’s about to get real fancy y’all. This is a four-diamond status hotel. 

The most exciting thing about this new hotel is that it has its own entrance into the parks. So you’ll be able to hop out of bed and onto a monorail and head straight into Tomorrowland! Gotta spread out the incoming crowds somehow.

Which brings me another new addition. With a new hotel comes…drumroll…a new parking structure!! By 2019, Pinoccio’s lot (next to Mickey and Friends) will be turned into a new structure instead of the ground floor lot that it is now. Hopefully this will speed up parking time but, we will pay for it waiting for the trams. The tram lines are about to get a little more crowded (as if they weren’t already). Construction on this new structure starts February 2018. The Disneyland Resort is about to get much more crowded. 

Well, it already is really. This may be Disney’s way of easing some troubles. Even though construction might be a pain to deal with, it might be worth it. With Star Wars Land and a new hotel coming soon, increased our parking options might be the way to go. Don’t forget, the Pumbaa lot is also being turned into a seven story lot with a bridge leading you to the Disneyland entrance too. That’s at least a couple thousand new parking spaces.

 To sum up, by 2022 we’ll have two new structures, a new Land and a new hotel. That’s a lot to take in. But if the increasing crowds are causing these much needed changes and additions, then that’s how it’s gonna have to be. 🎶 Que sera, sera..whatever will be, will be. 🎶 Ahem, musical  tendencies aside, its going to be a interesting few years to come. 

Happy Thursday everyone, until next time. 

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