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Could your furnace be putting your family in danger?

Apr 4

Like any other piece of equipment, HVAC systems such as a car, a lawnmower, or a snowblower needs routine maintenance to run efficiently and with a high degree of reliability. You risk breaking down on the roadside if you disregard regular maintenance on your vehicle. Inattention to repairing crucial furnace or HVAC issues could cause your home to become warm during winter and cool down during summer. Along with the issue of temperature control, not paying attention to your furnace repair colorado springs can lead to many other issues.


While most homeowners can complete an initial tune-up, your heater could require more comprehensive repairs.

A study of maintenance for furnaces annually found that 20% need service before they are adequate to meet the majority of comfort levels. Be aware of increased energy costs or blocked return vents as well as higher levels of noise.


This issue can be prevented through regular furnace maintenance


1. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


A heat exchanger is utilized after combustion to draw dangerous gasses from hot gas furnaces. Since the temperature of the heat exchanger varies its expansion and contraction often. The heat exchanger can develop over time, allowing harmful gases to enter your home. Carbon monoxide smells and is colorless.


2. Indoor Air Quality Problems


Unattended HVAC systems could cause problems with air quality. But, they're not as harmful as carbon monoxide. The HVAC system moves dust, allergens, and polluted air through the room because air travels through blocked filters and dirty the ducts.


3. Fire in the House


A faulty wire or a problem with the pilot light may result in a fire or an explosion. Regular HVAC maintenance helps guarantee that the wiring of your HVAC system and gas lines haven't become damaged over time.


4. The cost of HVAC and AC Repairs


Many homeowners skip regular maintenance in order to save money. Even though an HVAC system appears to be in good order there are minor issues that can create stress to the system if they're not taken care of. This can result in expensive future repairs.


5. HVAC Lifespan is Diminished


Increased wear on HVAC systems could cause costly repairs and significantly reduce their lifespan. A healthy HVAC system is expected to last between 15 and 20 years if properly maintained.


6. Energy bills and energy waste are rising


While an HVAC system that is maintained and repaired frequently may remain able to heat and cool a room, however, it is not able to function effectively. It will have to work harder to keep a comfortable indoor environment and consume more energy for cooling or heating. This is a waste of resources and can have an impact on the financial cost of energy. Maintenance and repairs are expensive but will save you money over the long run in the long run.


Furnace malfunctions can cause much trouble. Indoor air pollution and the danger of fire are just two of the issues you need to be aware of, but you must do your research first, so this isn't a problem for you!

It is important to know that fixing your unit can fix the issue and boosts efficiency by about 15%. Some people believe that installing new ductwork may also solve their problem; however, there's been no long-term studies conducted to support these claims. Therefore, until future notice, don't depend on anything other than traditional methods like changing filters or cleaning the vents with bleach wipes.

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