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How to start a 7 figure Amazon FBA business in 2022

Apr 19

Selling things online is an excellent method to get started and earn money. Furthermore, if you're going to sell anything, it better be on Amazon. Luckily, the Amazon FBA businesses are huge and are expanding at a faster rate than ever before as more people purchase online for virtually any sort of product.

You may join Amazon's Fulfillment-by-Amazon (FBA) program which is Amazon’s FBA business and become a merchant. You just ship your items straight to Amazon's warehouses using Amazon FBA businesses. Amazon then maintains the inventory, and when a customer places an order, Amazon fulfils the item (through two-day Prime shipping), and Amazon handles all customer service. For non business individuals Amazon also offers a brand value accelerator program to help their brand grow. 

Is it truly that straightforward? Yes! If you choose the proper product and devote time and effort to maintaining your business, you may earn tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars every year using Amazon FBA businesses – even as a novice seller. Below are the steps which if you follow would give you a seven-figure Amazon FBA business.

  • Discover Amazon products that are profitable

This is the most critical stage of the procedure. You cannot just select a product based on what YOU believe will sell. Rather than that, you must do research on products to ascertain whether a product is in demand. This is what will help you reduce your risk. Fear, not the competition. And if there is a tough competition then opt for top amazon aggregators they know Amazon tricks. Others have blazed the road for you by demonstrating how much money you can make with a certain product.

When you have a sound strategy in mind, you need not fear competition. Once you've compiled a list of possible items in which you're interested, consider how you might differentiate your offering. This may entail tailoring your product to a certain gender or altering its colour, size, style, or pricing.

Amazon FBA businesses give countless possibilities for a business that is already performing successfully. Certain marketplaces on Amazon are so large that you may still earn an unbelievable amount of money by ranking on the fifth page of Amazon for your product's principal keyword. Once you've compiled your list, prioritise it by selecting your top three goods.

  • Find suppliers to private label your product

After deciding on a product, you'll want to locate vendors that can make it for you. More significantly, you want to ensure that your product is privately labelable. You are not attempting to create a new product. That is perilous, much more so if you are new in the Amazon FBA businesses. Alibaba is a great place to conduct supplier research.

When searching on Alibaba, be sure to filter your results to ensure that the supplier is verified. Additionally, you want to confirm that the provider has trade assurance, which protects you from any fraud.

When you contact vendors (choose three possible suppliers with whom you wish to engage), request samples. You will be responsible for the sample's delivery costs. When the samples arrive, examine them and select which one you prefer.

Additionally, inquire about the cost of ordering a specific quantity of units from the providers. When you initially begin, order a limited quantity of units. You want to confirm that there is a demand for your first product using your first product. Avoid going insane with your investments. Make a few transactions and garner some positive feedback.

When you initially begin, you will not earn the highest profit margins. 25% is a reasonable starting point. Increase it to 30% to 50% over time. Your profit margin will improve as your Amazon listing becomes more known and you create your brand. As a result, you'll be able to demand a higher price for your goods and buy additional inventory. This will assist in lowering your costs.

  • Create your branding

This is the most enjoyable aspect of the procedure! You get to choose a brand name. A brand is a name or a logo that a large number of people recognise and connect with emotion. Individuals do not purchase things. Rather than that, people acquire something with which they have an emotional connection.

People are prepared to pay extra for the emotional connection they have with a brand. A brand is something you develop over time, so don't be concerned about perfecting it immediately.

When it concerns your company's logo, you may hire a developer via to develop one for you. Alternatively, you might visit 99 Designs and host a contest, inviting designers from across the world to contest to create a logo for you.

A brand will assist you in developing an asset that you can eventually sell. That is how you may earn a substantial profit from your firm.

  • Set up your Amazon listing and shipment

You want to create an Amazon listing while your product is being built. Bear in mind that setting up an Amazon Seller Central account is not free. It is recommended that you save this money until you are completely ready to offer your goods.

You may sell your Amazon goods in over 100 countries. Your Amazon listing must have quality products photographs, as well as an engaging name, key points, and caption. Bear in mind that Amazon functions as a search engine.

As a result, you must determine the keywords for which you wish to rank your goods and optimise your listing. If you accomplish this correctly, your item will rank and appear for a range of popular keywords.

  • Launch and market your product on Amazon for sales

When you reach this stage of the Amazon procedure, it becomes genuine. After a few sales and building trust, you'll begin to see the possibilities of this company strategy. You will not immediately notice the effects of your efforts. It's usually gradual, to begin with, but it may swiftly ratchet up. Amazon promotes new sellers and provides them with an initial boost since they want you to succeed.

When you succeed and earn money, they too earn money. That is all. This is why it is vital to have an effective launch plan. Never say, "Here is my product; purchase it!" This is a common blunder. You need to pique people's interests and create a sense of anticipation.

Decide on a debut date for your product and develop a pre-launch strategy. Consider how you might gain early traction so that when the deadline approaches, you will see an immediate increase in sales. Perhaps this entails convincing your friends and relatives to purchase your goods. Alternatively, you may join Facebook groups and give individuals a discount on your goods.

The objective is not only to earn money on Amazon. Additionally, it is to generate reviews, increase sales, and promote your goods on Amazon. Additionally, you might contact influencers and request that they advertise your product on their Instagram or YouTube page on a specific day.

  • Build and scale your brand online

You're currently developing your website and internet presence at this stage. Perhaps you're a blogger or have a YouTube channel. You're establishing a following and a subscriber and follower email list.

At this level, you can launch numerous goods, establish a store, and curate a portfolio of related products. This is the point at which your firm may expand to seven or eight figures. When you're ready to scale your brand, it's a good idea to copyright it through the Amazon Brand Registry to prevent it from being stolen.

You may choose to go out beyond Amazon and create an eCommerce website with Shopify or WooCommerce. Profit margins will improve when you sell through your website. If you wish to extend your eCommerce business even further, you may always expand abroad.