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Custom Printed Lanyards

Jan 23

Custom Printed Lanyards as Merchandise: A Retail Perspective

In the retail world, where brand identity and customer loyalty are paramount, custom printed lanyards are emerging as a significant player. These versatile, practical, and customizable items are no longer just for corporate events or workplace identification; they have carved out a niche in the retail merchandise sector. This article explores how custom printed lanyards can be a valuable addition to a retailer's product line, enhancing brand visibility and customer engagement.

The Appeal of Custom Printed Lanyards in Retail

Lanyards have a universal appeal due to their practicality. They are used to hold keys, ID cards, USB drives, and even phones. This versatility makes them an excellent item for retail, appealing to a broad customer base. When customized with a brand’s logo, colors, and message, they transform into more than just an accessory; they become a symbol of brand identity and loyalty.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

Customized lanyards worn by customers act as moving advertisements. Each time a lanyard is used in public, it increases brand exposure. This passive marketing strategy can lead to word-of-mouth referrals and organic brand promotion.

Strengthening Customer Loyalty

Offering branded lanyards as merchandise or as a complimentary gift with purchase can enhance customer loyalty. It gives customers a sense of belonging to a community associated with the brand, fostering a deeper emotional connection.

Affordable and Customizable

From a retailer's perspective, lanyards are cost-effective to produce, especially when ordered in bulk. They can be customized in various colors, designs, and with different attachments, making them adaptable to different brand aesthetics and customer preferences.

Implementing Lanyards as Retail Merchandise

Target Audience Analysis

Understanding the target audience is crucial. For tech stores, lanyards with USB drives or phone holders might be appealing. For fashion retailers, stylish lanyards with unique designs or materials could be more appropriate.

Quality and Design

The quality of the customised lanyard reflects on the brand. High-quality materials and a well-executed design can elevate the perceived value of the lanyard. Retailers should focus on designs that resonate with their brand identity and appeal to their customer base.

Marketing Strategies

Retailers can use custom printed lanyards in various marketing strategies. They can be part of a loyalty program, sold as exclusive merchandise, or given away during special promotions or events.

Online and In-Store Sales

Lanyards can be sold both in physical stores and online platforms. Online sales provide an opportunity to reach a wider audience, while in-store displays can attract impulse purchases.

Case Studies: Success Stories

Highlighting successful retail brands that have incorporated custom printed lanyards into their merchandise can provide insights and inspiration. These case studies can demonstrate effective design, marketing strategies, and customer engagement tactics.


Custom printed lanyards offer a unique opportunity for retailers to extend their brand reach and deepen customer engagement. As practical, customizable, and cost-effective items, they are well-suited to a variety of retail environments and marketing strategies. By carefully considering their target audience, design, quality, and marketing approach, retailers can effectively leverage custom printed lanyards as a valuable addition to their merchandise offerings. In the competitive retail landscape, these lanyards can be a simple yet powerful tool for building brand identity and loyalty.