Chelsea FC opens applications for free advertising space to London small businesses

Chelsea FC will select companies based on their efforts during the pandemic

Small businesses in London can apply for free social media ad space on match days courtesy of Chelsea Football Club.

With an inventory only available to key partners, successful applicants will receive a digital campaign with a brand story on Instagram that will be published to 25.5 million followers. In addition, selected companies will be represented in half-time and full-time positions on match days.

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The campaign aims to give local businesses access to the vast global digital community of Chelsea Football Club and promote themselves on a large scale.

Apply for free ad space at Chelsea FC

How do I apply for the advertising space?

Applications from companies with London postcodes with fewer than 50 employees and a website are welcome. Successful applicants will be selected by Chelsea FC for their efforts to start, grow, or survive through the pandemic. The deadline for entries is March 26th.

You can register on the Chelsea FC website.

This initiative is part of Chelsea Football Club’s Proud of London campaign. The campaign was launched on March 16 to mark the 116th anniversary of the club. The campaign was started by former Blues midfielder and lifelong supporter Joe Cole. He narrated and starred in a short film (see below) and celebrated real Londoners who have shown incredible resilience, creativity and entrepreneurship in such a difficult year.

Gary Twelvetree, Director of Marketing for Chelsea Football Club said:

“’Proud of London’ is our way of showing how incredibly inspired we were by the city we call home.

“London is full of creative minds pushing boundaries, supporting one another and adapting to the unprecedented challenge created by the pandemic and the lockdowns that followed. We hope that we can continue to support this great city as it has supported us. “

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