Company Incorporation and Registration – Myths and Facts

The process of incorporating a company in the United States is something that can either drive people towards it or away from it depending on one’s perspective. There are many myths surrounding the idea of American company incorporation. These myths can be a deterrent to potential investors. These myths are just a few of the many. Some important points about company incorporation are discussed below:

A company incorporation requires heavy amount of shares and investment. Directors and shareholders must be citizens of the United States. They also need to have an investment company formation. This can easily cost one thousands of dollars in initial fees and registration fees. Companies without substantial share capital can’t incorporate.

Registering Process

Most of these common misconceptions can easily be cleared by proper research and knowledge about how to register a company in Singapore. International consultants can help you register in Singapore at very affordable prices. Starting a business in India is not that difficult as it looks like, especially if you know what to do in terms of company incorporation and filing of documents. However, if you are planning to incorporate your company in Singapore, it is very important for you to conduct extensive research as per the Singapore company law as well as the requirements of the Singapore market.

One misconception about incorporating a company here is that it only offers tax benefits. In reality, there are multiple tax benefits available to small businesses in India. You can directly contact an experienced consultant or a company lawyer for more information on Indian company registration. They will help you understand all the benefits of incorporating a company here.

Another myth about company incorporation and company registration is that it is all about getting sole proprietorships registered. It is false. A sole proprietorship cannot register as a company in India. Indian law allows only the sole proprietorship form of company to be legally incorporated. An individual can choose from many other types of company structures when he or she wants to incorporate a company in India.

For instance, he can incorporate a company through the shareholdings method where the company will issue shares of stock as a security for payment of dividends. Company Limited Liability Company (CLC) and Company Tax Law can be another choice for you. These are just a few of the many options available for Indian company incorporation. You can choose the best option depending on your needs.

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