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Masternoding: Hands-free passive income of over 1000% net for last 2 years.

Oct 17


This is a short ad I use for potential investors who may have never heard of masternoding just like you:

Masternoding: That's hands-free passive income: 11% net p. m. for last 24 months 

Stable and fully transparent!

+1050% net reached within first 2 Years! See for Yourself!


Well, as a Subscriber to the Masternoding-list you would know many details mainly via the two-monthly updates from Steve (CEO) with lots of background details.

So you would also know about the unparalleled transparency of this business. Inviting now 8 auditors to their new offices in Malta is a good sign of it.  I hope to be able to report more good news with some photos from my visit to Malta as one of these 8 auditors at the end of this month.


After all I still wonder why many who did hear or read about masternoding are still sitting on the fence. As I had to learn people are often not willing to spend a few minutes to learn and understand something new. I still get asked whether I can show an fxblue- or myfxbook-link although it should be obvious that we are no longer in forex but in a crypto-related sphere.


Some who could afford it easily rather prefer to lose 10% of their funds via the next two years through inflation (which is rather certain) by probably doing nothing instead of making may be up to another 1050% net over next two years as the early beta-investors did, but which is of course not totally certain. I rather expect and would be very content with „only“ 800% which needs 9.58% net per month.

Take the estimated profit for the first week in October: 2.2% x 4.33 weeks (per month) = 9.53% - so on its way!

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