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Oct 29

What are the top features to look for in an Event Bus Bus Hire Brisbane?

The option of renting a party bus for Brisbane is a way that you can tour the city in fashion, or keep the celebration running after an event. It doesn't matter if it's your wedding or birthday celebration, bachelorette party, Stag Party, a holiday party, or even corporate gatherings, hiring one of these party buses is a surefire way to get your enjoyment to the top of the line!

You're planning to have an unforgettable event, so make sure that the party bus is equipped with the most essential features. If you are renting a party bus in Brisbane, here are the top qualities you need to consider:


Before you do anything else, be sure your party bus is equipped with safety features that conform to safety standards. Safety features that are commonplace include functioning locks in good working order, fully functioning equipment, and a professional driver.

Dimensions and seating

Of course, the size and capacity of the party bus you rent matter a lot. You don't want to travel in a vehicle that will make you and your guests feel like sardines in a can. Your party bus must have enough space for moving around, but also for sitting, drinking, dancing, and other forms of entertainment. Pull Up VIP has a 14-seater Mercedes Sprinter party bus for smaller groups, and a 21-seater Limo party bus to host larger parties. Choose your preferred option and enjoy the evening without bumping into one another!

Cocktail Bar

One of the highlights of a top-quality party bus is the bar. It's a sure bet that your guests will be expecting one, particularly when you serve alcohol-based drinks. If there isn't a cocktail bar and a bar for cocktails, you can be sure that it won't be much of a party. If you're searching for the perfect party bus Brisbane be sure to get one that is licensed with a bar that can serve alcohol.


Aside from a cocktail bar, an excellent party bus should contain everything guests and you need to make your event as memorable as possible. Pull Up VIP party buses provide all the entertainment you'll require. They're outfitted with big screens, laser lights and surround sound systems mobile phone connectivity, and many more features that will keep everyone entertained for the entire journey.


Last but not least, an ideal party bus needs to come with amenities that are comfortable, such as leather seating as well as air conditioning, and even tinted windows for security. A comfortable party bus will allow you to enjoy the night in luxury.

Get your groove on

You've discovered the top party bus in Brisbane! The Pull-Up VIP party buses have all the top-of-the-line features you'll require to dance to your heart's content no matter the occasion! Call us by dialing (07) 3060 8220 to book online or request a price!

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