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The trading platform provides a report about the different statistics of the evolution of the Mexican economy in the last months of 2020

In the tenth month of 2020, the General State Administration Intervention, catalog a measured increase of 1.6% in relation to September. So it achieved five regeneration periods in the state.

While in the month of October of last 2020, the Mexican reserve managed to link one more period to the restoration trend, after obtaining a significant decrease in the fourth and fifth months of the year.

The General State Administration Intervention – IGAE – of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography – which, calculates the inclination of any economic movement of a nation, indicated that there was a prudent increase of 1.6% respectively in the month of September. Which shows that some activities are recovering again – they explain in Stocks24.

The branch of the business sector and the good efficiency of all agricultural activity are mainly the engines that drive and continue to provide support for the Mexican economy to re-establish itself.

The analyst of macroeconomic indicators and social development, Ana Karen Garcia, under sources from the World Bank, argued:

“Mexico’s GDP is made up of shops and services, the sectors most affected by the global health crisis, which leaves the country in a position of greater dependence on a single economic branch, with a much stronger impact and a less dynamic recovery according to other nations, which reserves are more standardized or items that have never stopped, such as agronomy. “

All tertiary activities, despite being the items most affected by covid-19, which have been unable to open their doors for practically a year, are gradually recovering again, as are sports centers and event halls.

0.8% was the increase revealed by primary activities such as livestock, fishing and agriculture, at the same time that construction and industries did so with 2.0%.

Compared to the previous month, both wholesale and retail businesses showed a slight improvement of 0.7%. Although in general lines an evolution in the economic development of Mexico is observed, it is not possible to obtain the level prior to the pandemic.

The General State Administration Intervention revealed a retraction of 3.1% and 6.2% respectively to the secondary and tertiary sector in annual balances in the tenth month of 2020. At the same time, the main areas showed an increase of 7.0% in similarity to the period of the previous year.

It is estimated that before the end of the year, the total cessation of all economic and social activity, the cause of the new covid-19 outbreak, in which the new strain can spread between animals and people, will produce a significant decrease in the Mexican economy.

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